German Shepherd Dogs

The German Shepherd dog is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world and with good reason. You’ll struggle to find a braver and more loyal companion than the Shepherd. And he’s clever and adaptable too. Indeed, you’ll find German Shepherds working with the military, the police, search and rescue, and also providing unstinting duty as a guide dog for the blind and helping other people with disabilities too.


He’s able to adapt to all these different tasks due to his intelligence, which he was specfically bred for. Studies have shown German Shepherds to be capable of learning simple commands after no more than five repetitions[1]. And studies also show them to respond to commands very quickly too – in 95% of cases, they respond to your command the first time.

Full Of Energy

The German Shepherd is also full of energy and loves to play. This does mean he needs to be kept busy and entertained or he’ll become bored. And once he becomes bored, he has a tendency to display this through chewing, digging and barking. So the prospective German Shepherd owner needs to be prepared to make sure their dog gets lots of exercise and attention.

Loyal And Loving

Of course, in return for this commitment, you’ll get your dog’s undying love and faithfulness and he won’t hesitate to protect you if necessary. Indeed, German Shepherds make truly excellent watchdogs due to their alertness and natural suspicion. Not to mention their strength and courage. You do need to make sure you socialize your German Shepherd as early as possible. If you don’t, their natural suspicion can make them over-protective of their owners and family.

The Advantages Of Large Dog Breeds

Small dog breeds are gaining in popularity while large dog breeds are becoming less popular according to the AKC (American Kennel Club). Despite this though, the Labrador Retriever still retains its spot as the number one most popular dog in the U.S.A. And the German Shepherd is still number two[2].

There are a few reasons why these large dogs retain their popularity in spite of the fashion for smaller dogs. Firstly, they have much better and calmer temperaments than most small breeds, making them excellent family dogs.

They’re also some of the cleverest and easiest to train of dogs too, being eager to please and quick to learn.

And of course, larger dogs have the ability to back up their bark with their bite. While some small dog breeds can make fantastic watch dogs, they don’t have the size and strength to back up their threats like big dogs too. And big dogs are obviously much more fearsome when they need to be than a cute small dog could ever hope to be.

This is especially true of the German Shepherd, which is why they see such use as service dogs.

And our website is dedicated to this most beautiful of dogs. From information on their history through details of the German Shepherd temperament and behavior to German Shepherd training, we aim to cover everything you need to make the most of your ownership.

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[2] American Kennel Club. Most popular dog breeds.