Types of German Shepherds

There are a number of different types of German Shepherds that have developed through the years. While each type are certainly German Shepherds, they all have their own distinctive characteristics and history. And like all types of dogs, they all have some issues too.

So if you’re looking to get a German Shepherd, you’ll definitely want to do your research into each line to decide which best suits your situation and needs. And to do that, you’ll first need to be clear exactly what you want from your dog, and how much you’re able to commit to it in terms of your time and attention.

Types of German Shepherds

The five basic types of German Shepherds are:

  • American /Canadian Show Lines
  • Czech Working Lines
  • East German / DDR Working Lines
  • West German Show Lines
  • West German Working Lines

In addition, there are different mixes of lines too.

American Show Lines

The American Show Lines have a great, relaxed temperament and make wonderful family dogs as they have less drive than the working lines. They’re bred for showing with the focus being on side gait and conformation.

Czech Working Lines

The Czech Working Line was developed by the Czech military, bred to work as border patrol dogs. They have a lot of drive and excel in agility and protection. They do need a lot of attention and stimulation, both mental and physical.

East German / DDR Working Lines

Like the Czech Working Line, this is another type of German Shepherd that usually has a lot of drive, although this can vary. They have a very sound temperament.

West German Show Lines

This type of German Shepherd is the most popular in Germany. They are beautiful dogs that are bred to conform with SV rules.

West German Working Lines

This German Shepherd type has a solid, stable temperament and a strong work drive. They’re great at sports and also working jobs such as protection, guard dogs and search and rescue.

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